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Talking about CT State Worker Compensation & Unfunded Benefits With Lee Elci on News Now Radio 94.9 FM — January 31, 2024

Red JahnckeRed Jahncke is a nationally recognized columnist, who writes about politics and policy. His columns appear in numerous national publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today, The Hill, Issues & Insights and National Review as well as many Connecticut newspapers. Like This Column

Talking Unfair Prescription Drug Prices and the Hospital Tax Scam with Lee Elci on News Now Radio 94.9 FM

American prescriptions drugs prices are two to three times what wealthy Europeans pay. It’s unfair, and it inflates U.S. health care costs and subsidizes socialist national health care systems in Europe, creating the illusion that socialized medicine is a better system.

States are running their deficits through the U.S. health care system via hospital taxes – Connecticut’s is the highest in the nation. Hospital taxes raise the cost of health care, inflating U.S. health care costs above their natural level.