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Connecticut Employment Has Plummeted. Can the State Recover?

The pandemic is largely over. Now, the challenge is to revive the economy.

In practical terms, that means transitioning from policies supporting people who are out of work to policies encouraging people to get back to work. There is a fierce national debate about how fast to transition. Connecticut is on the wrong side of the debate – and cannot afford to be.

The number of workers in the state’s workforce has plummeted during the pandemic by 188,000 since February 2020, according to federal statistics. This is a drastic 9.7 percent decline, by far the biggest drop in the nation.  Only three other states have had declines over 5 percent.

These are workers who are not looking for work or who have left the state.  

As drastic as it is, the workforce decline is not the entire story.

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The Triad of Radical Ideas Behind the Anti-Racism Crusade

A white minister in the small all-White (99.8% non-Black) Connecticut town of Lyme-Old Lyme (pop 10,000) claims to be collaborating with the local school system “to teach the history of racism and enslavement in the area” as one part of a social justice project launched by his church last summer. Another part involves police accountability.

May 27, 2021

Surely the nation has been seized with the issues of racism, social justice and policing, if such a project has been launched in this unlikeliest of places, one with a population of only about 25 Blacks.

The local school superintendent, rejected the minister’s claim categorically “We have no association with the minister.”

May 27, 2021

Yet, in schooling elsewhere – school staffing in Washington State, mathematics instruction in  California and history and civics curicula nationwide, if the Biden administration has its way – a triad of radical ideas is taking hold: that critical race theory (CRT) is the central version of U.S. history; that present-day America is systemically racist; and that police are killing unarmed Blacks indiscriminately.

Facts and common sense debunk this radical triad.

The killing of George Floyd seemingly cemented the notion of racist policing killings and, thereafter, a steady stream of highly publicized incidents of policemen killing Blacks seemed to confirm it.

But wait. Were no Whites killed by police over the past year? Of course, they were. Yet where were the national media reports?

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