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Democrats Want a Lame-Duck Spending Blowout

When is $5 trillion still not enough? Answer: When you’re a progressive about to lose your grip on total power. That’s how to read Democrats’ attempt to jam Republicans into one last, lame-duck, spending hurrah.

Congress is marching toward a Dec. 16 expiration of government funding. Democrats want to stuff all 12 of Congress’s annual, overdue spending bills into a giant “omnibus” to finance government through September 2023. According to their media note-takers, the failure to pass an omnibus bill will result in one of two apocalyptic scenarios: a government shutdown, or the ruin of federal agencies forced to maintain spending at current levels.

That’s a convenient ultimatum, given Democrats are angling to use the omnibus as a final spending spree before Republicans retake the House in January. Including the American Rescue Plan, an infrastructure bill, last year’s omnibus, a veteran’s fund, food-stamp and healthcare increases, semiconductor subsidies, the Inflation Reduction Act, and student-loan forgiveness, Democrats have added close to $5 trillion in new spending in two years.

Read entire editorial in The WallStreet Journal


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