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Harvard’s Gay Resigned For Good Reasons But Antisemitism Charges Miss the Mark

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned this month, for good reasons. Foremost was her inability to muster a straightforward answer when asked in Congress whether Harvard should condemn calls for the genocide of the Jewish people.

January 6, 2024

There are other good reasons and one glaring exception. First the reasons. Over her career, she indulged, if not encouraged, the left-wing cancel culture at Harvard. On her watch, the college’s free-speech ranking dropped to last place among 248 colleges surveyed. Her resume of scholarly research is short and, apparently, riddled with instances of plagiarism.

Now the exception. She has been attacked most vociferously – and wrongly – for indulging alleged antisemitism on campus. Of this charge, she was not guilty; she was simply incompetent in her inability to defend the free speech rights of pro-Palestinian students and distinguish them from antisemitism.

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Furor Over Antisemitism is Trampling Free Speech

Wealthy Jewish financiers and national politicians have attacked university presidents for not restricting supposedly antisemitic speech on campus. Yet, previously, the attackers have condemned college leaders for restrictions on campus free speech.

December 26, 2023

Bill Ackman wants Harvard’s Claudine Gay fired. Marc Rowan has succeeded in ousting UPenn President Elizabeth Magill. U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik has gloated “one down [Magill], two [Gay and MIT President Kornbluth] to go.”

In an ironic example, Ackman’s extreme actions - demanding Gay’s ouster and doxing and trying to blacklist pro-Palestinian students - have served to resurrect a key element of free speech and academic freedom at Harvard, namely that the institution should not cave to the demands of outsiders, no matter how wealthy or powerful.

Yet, the overriding irony of Ackman’s actions is that they constitute the same effort to restrict on-campus speech that many alumni have criticized in recent years. Doxing and blacklisting are surely efforts to punish and silence speech.

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Fearful Symmetry, Futile Strategy; The Only Solution Is Peace

Palestinians cry “From the river to the sea,” while Israelis seize and settle the land from the sea to the river. The Times of Israel reports that an Israeli cabinet minister and his father, a rabbi, suggest the option of nuking Gaza and eradicating Palestinians, unavoidably evoking the Final Solution and the Holocaust.

November 30, 2023

The massacre at Kibbutz Be’eri, where 130 Israelis were slaughtered by Hamas on October 7th, recalls the documented 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin, where Jewish guerrillas executed over 100 Palestinian men, women and children.

Hamas and Hezbollah seem tragic descendants of last century’s Jewish guerillas, the Urgun and Lehi.


Palestinians enjoying peace and tranquility in their own homeland from the river to the Green Line is the best way to defang the terrorist movements. How many families living in genuine peace will offer their children to be suicide bombers? To be terrorists? To live in tunnels in Gaza or caves in Southern Lebanon? Peace is the greatest threat to terrorists. It is time to carry out the threat.

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CT Revenue: Easy Days Are Over

On Monday, Connecticut’s budget forecasters released their first updated revenue forecast since last May, at which time they removed a whopping $2 billion of expected revenue from volatile individual income tax categories over a four-year stretch. The new forecast predicts further declines in these categories, wiping away another $750 million over the remaining three of the original four years.

While declining revenue is never good news, these drastic reductions represent a welcome return to budgetary prudence from the wildly over-optimistic revenue forecasts of fiscal 2023 and from Governor Lamont’s re-election campaign happy talk last year claiming to have ended the era of permanent fiscal crisis in the state.

The crisis is not over.

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A New Peace Proposal: A Protectorate on the West Bank Governed by a Coalition of Major Powers

After Hamas's heinous attack on Israel, President Biden - wisely - has been talking about peace in the Mideast, even as hostilities rage in Gaza, the West Bank and at the Israel-Lebanese border. Without a peace settlement, these hostilities are open-ended, as they have been for decades. Yet, Biden has resurrected the old idea of a Palestinian state under the Palestinian Authority. That plan is a dead letter. Instead, we should try an entirely new approach, a permanent international protectorate on the West Bank.

October 25, 2023

The protectorate would be established and governed by a multinational coalition which would take control of the West Bank and demilitarize it completely, replacing Israeli Defense Forces with international peacekeeping troops.

The Palestinian state is a casualty of two realities. First, Israel could never accept a fully sovereign Palestinian state on the West Bank high above Israel which is but six miles wide at its narrowest point. That would be an unacceptable existential risk for the Jewish state.

Nor would the Palestinians accept the emasculated version of a state contemplated in failed negotiations to date, a small demilitarized entity with IDF troops stationed on all its borders. That would be little different from the current status quo. Peace negotiations over the years have bogged down in fatally complex detail in attempts to square the circle of these irreconcilable positions.

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